Risen from The Bakery from fresh locally sourced Funk, Jazz and Psychedelia.

With no one show being the same as the next, High Pines delivers a unique improvisational sound through their original music. Playing throughout the states of New York and Pennsylvania since 2020, our audience has quickly grown with the help of our new found fans and our good friends at Evil Bubble Productions.

High Pines has shared a stage with acts such as:
The Buddhahood, Chris English, Herbal Tonic, The Medicinals, Diggin Roots, Stereopticon, Uncle Uku & The Guise, Organ Fairchild, Stage Fright, Planet Jr., Head to the Roots, Soular Plexus, and many more.

“Music to groove to” as we like to say, though that’s quite a vague statement, its the best way we’ve found to describe what we do. The only thing left to do is point you towards our Pandemic EP and encourage you to use a good pair of headphones!

Creature lllllllll

Unlike his heavily bearded friend, Doc B, Creature is a man of many words, choice words that is. Words of power, that invoke true meaning when uttered. Usually found with a guitar in hand, his passion for compelling leads and complex rhythm bring about a style that compliments his compatriots playing in mysterious and unforeseen ways.

Tasty leads and romping rhythm combined with meaning and intent

Rooster l l l l

The ultimate backbone of any killer band lies within the hands and feet of the drummer. In High Pines, Rooster does just that. He has held the groove down for more than half his lifetime (decades in rooster years). Rooster is heavily influenced by the classics of Rock n’ Roll, jazz, psychedelic rock, and jam bands. Although self-taught since a hatchling, he has learned to read music and tame his wild crowing for the sake of structure in personal practice. But get him out on the stage and there is no telling how long the Rooster crows..

Dr. Beardsley l l l l l l

Note from Creature: I asked him to write something about himself and he said;

outlook not so good

“All I can say is that music is life and grooving is happiness. I tickle those ivories and it all makes sense. My pursuit in music is to pass along the wisdom of the ones that came before and enlighten the world to the meaning of life.” – Big Willy Style

Will’s influences range anywhere from blues, jazz, rock, funk and even surf. As a talented multi-instrumentalist, Will’s abilities are not solely relegated to the keys. His musical prowess shines through whether he’s on guitar, drums, bass, banjo, flute, mandolin or lap steel.