Things to come

Howdy folks, its been a long while since we’ve posted much of anything to our website and with all the exciting things on the horizon we thought it high time we start spreading the word about our future endeavors!

As many of you might know we have somewhat recently added a new member to our ranks, the main man on the keys, tickling the ivories for everyone’s enjoyment, Willy man himself. He’s done wonders to improve our sound and propel us even further towards our goals and dreams of making our music reach all of you wonderful people. Through his ethereal tones, funky riffs, and stellar musicianship we’ve broadened our sound, we just keep getting Better by the pound, and have taken yet another step forward as a group!

Jumping the huge hurdle that was nailing down a new member, we quickly began working diligently on new music! The daunting nature of a project of this magnitude was not lost on us as we took many MANY months to iron out, flesh out and put out the highest quality content we could muster up. Making videos, posting all of our funny moments, booking shows, working out the kinks of new songs, getting studio time, making merch, and putting much of our time and energy into making a new album!!!!

This brings us to our current endeavors, finishing the production and promotion of the album, we are standing on the verge of getting it on streaming platforms everywhere! We cant even begin to put into words how absolutely ecstatic we are to be able to put this project in your hands because we know it’ll be good to your earhole!

In the coming months we will be releasing many exciting things in the hope to spread the word about this project and we hope that you will help us to do the same! We want as many ears on this as possible and we want to grow our audience into a thriving community of music lovers and enthusiasts. So get excited y’all because this album is one Red Hot Mama and we know that there’s something in it for everyone! Spared the word, make your voice heard, help your homies shout and get it all out, show them our work and what its all about!

Remember folks, we are living in One Sweet World and with your help we can make it even sweeter!

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