Hello and Welcome!!

Hi everyone!! As you no doubt already know, we are High Pines and we are beyond excited to finally have a way to connect with you all through our own website! This is of course the first of many posts to come but to start things off we would like to properly introduce ourselves.

From left to right we have;

Creature. Guitar & Lead vocals:

Man of many words as called by none. Rather than many, Creature prefers choice words, writing lyrics with the intention of conveying the right vibe when conjoined with the music. As obvious a goal as that may sound, it is the driving force behind his ongoing musical journey, his beacon while trudging through the sometime innocuous depths of creative exploration. When a guitar is added to the equation, Creature is home, being his main instrument for more than a decade now, axe in hand is how he chooses to face the world.

Dr. Beardsley. Bass & Vocals:

Dr. Beardsley has been called a bass extraordinaire, it was only once…and it was a drunk hobo on the corner of Geary & Fillmore. Dr. Beardsley discovered his love of the low-end some 10 years ago, taking inspiration from the greats such as John Paul Jones, James Jamerson, and Berry Oakley Jr.
You want the lowdown business? The Doctor is always available for house calls.

Elliot. Drums

Known for his wicked chops and sick fills, Rooster keeps the groove train rolling. He’s been playing music for more than half of his life (that’s in Rooster years). If you were to gaze over a field of musical influences you would see many greats such as John Bonham, Joe Russo, Eric Harland, JP Bouvet, Carter McClean, Benny Greb, Tommy Igoe, and Steve Gadd.

Look forward to more updates in the future, stay safe in that big bad world out there

you know we will be

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